Animal Assisted Therapy and Art Assisted Wellbeing

We offer Nurse led Animal and Art Assisted Therapy and Wellbeing services to individuals within Plymouth and the surrounding areas in Devon and Cornwall.

Our mission is to offer a holistic and creative approach to promoting both physical and mental wellbeing. We understand that everyone is unique and has different needs.

We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each individual. Whether they have anxiety, dementia, neurodivergence or animal phobia’s for example, our team takes the time to get to know each person and their interests to help them achieve their goals.

If you are looking for a unique and creative approach to wellbeing then look no further. Let us help you discover the transformative power of animals and art in promoting your overall wellbeing.

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Director, Pets and Picasso CIC

Anna Corwood

“As a Registered Nurse I have seen firsthand the amazing impact that animals and art have had on my patients. Their faces light up when their pet comes into the room, when they talk about their animals or when they are showing me something they have created. In times of sadness, worry, bereavement, confusion, and fear I have seen countless times people turning to their pets or the arts for strength and comfort. I have witnessed people facing life altering injury or illness and all they want or care about is their pet. Animals and art have the most incredible impact on us both physically and mentally. This is a rapidly expanding area of health and the benefits are enormous and potentially life changing for some individuals.”

Our services

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Wellbeing Outreach Visits- From £80

We offer personalised nurse led animal encounters and art based wellbeing visits to a variety of settings such as residential care homes, health care providers, schools and community groups. Suitable for all ages.

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Community Groups- FREE to attend

Every Wednesday at Plymouth Methodist Central Hall

Adult Neurodivergent group 17:30-18:30

Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing group 19:00-20:00.

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Corporate wellbeing- From £150

We offer animal encounters, arts/ crafts and nurse led health education and promotion services. We recognise the importance of prioritising both physical and mental health and wellbeing within the workplace.

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1-1 Sessions- From £30

We offer nurse led animal assisted therapy/ animal assisted interactions and art based wellbeing on a 1-1 basis. These sessions are client led and tailored to the individual’s personal goals, preferences and abilities. Suitable for all ages.

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Parties and Other events- From £150

We are more than just a petting zoo, we can offer fun animal encounters experiences, alongside art and craft-activities which can be specially tailored for your birthday party or event. Suitable for all ages.

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